Are You Ready For The Big FREEZE?

Winter is coming: are you ready for the big freeze?

Winter is upon us and with the temperatures dropping now is the time to think about how to winter-proof your property in order to help you keep your property safe and warm this winter and to put a freeze on your costs. Whilst you can’t allow for every circumstance most issues can be avoided…

By keeping your boiler running, up to one fifth of boilers experience a problem each year, ensure yours is serviced annually. Avoiding burst pipes, escape of water is consistently one of the most expensive claims for domestic property insurers. Preventing damp, mould and condensation, by correctly ventilating your property.

Freak weather can catch out even the best prepared property, in addition to winter-proofing your home, business and property by ensuring you have the correct insurance cover gives you the peace of mind should the unavoidable happen.
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