Is Darkness Exposing Your Home or Business?

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With the clocks going back, it’s hard not to notice the evenings drawing in. Before too long, the sun may not have risen before the working day starts and darkness descended before the day is done. This change from daylight saving time may expose business and homeowners to an increased risk of being targeted by burglars.

Burglars and thieves can operate more covertly in darkness using the cover of night to their advantage. Unoccupied homes and businesses are more at risk as they can be easily identified after nightfall. If the property or building appears vacant from the outside or is not clearly protected by a security system, it can be a more attractive proposition to a thief.

Security systems are designed to help deter, detect and defend against burglars, who are at a higher risk of being disturbed or caught if breaking-in to a property fitted with security lighting, alarm or camera. With smart technology becoming more accessible, many systems now include the option of being linked to a Mobile App or similar, allowing the owner to manage and monitor an alarm’s activity remotely.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that 63% of homes burgled in England & Wales have no, or less than basic home security measures in place. Burglary and theft are an unpleasant experience that no home, business or property owner should have to go through. In addition to making best use of security systems ensuring your home, business and property is properly covered with the correct insurance cover gives you peace of mind should the unavoidable happen. Talk to TECT today 0203 199 5141
*Source: 63% of homes burgled in England and Wales have no, or less than basic home security measures (Nature of Crime: burglary, ONS)

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