The quality of claims handling and settlement is the true measure of the service provided by your insurance advisor. At TECT Risk Services claims are managed by your day to day contact, because who better to do this than the person in the organisation with the most detailed understanding of your business or personal insurance arrangements.

In the event of a claim Chris Tebbit and Robert Wilson are available 24/7. For out of hours service please call their respective mobile telephones.

For all major losses one of the TECT team will be on site within 24 hours (and usually within 12 hours) with the insurer appointed loss adjusters. This approach allows us to manage the losses effectively from the very start because early decisive action will save time, money and reputation.

To notify a new loss or incident please complete the Claim Notification Form below and e-mail it to us immediately

Claim Notification Form

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Claim Details

In submitting this electronic form you are providing the broker with notification of a claim under your insurance policy. As a consequence, we will notify the insurer and we may require further information from you in connection with the claim. You agree to provide the insurers with any further information or documentation as may be reasonably required.

If the claim is in relation to a material loss and you have files or pictures which could assist please attach them below:

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File Size:
2MB Maximum
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.jpg .jpeg .jpe .png .bmp .doc .docx .pdf .zipIf you would like to upload more than five files to support your claim please email them to

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